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Laurelia novae-zelandiae (Pukatea)

The average plant height is 100 cm
The average plant height is 170 cm
The average plant height is 200 cm

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Suited to regions:Subtropical, Temperate
Plant type:Trees
Height:25.00 m
Spread:10.00 m
Flowering time:
Tolerances:Shade, Wet
Garden uses:Ponds, Screening
Garden styles:Native, Riparian
Easy to grow?Yes
Maintenance requirementsLow
Growth rateSlow

Laurelia novae-zelandiae (Pukatea) Details

Commonly known as Pukatea, this is a NZ native tree that thrives in damp areas. This slow growing tree has a distinctive buttressed trunk which gives it lateral support. It bears attractive, glossy green leaves with a serrated edge, and grows slowly to eventually reach 25 m tall and 10 m wide. It performs best when planted in full sun or partial shade on a consistently damp soil. It is tolerant of moderate wind, reasonable shade, moderate frost, and short periods of dry. Puketea is commonly planted around swampy areas or on the edge of a stream, grown as a specimen, or included in a revegetation exercise.

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