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Griselinia littoralis

Kapuka, Papauma, Broadleaf

The average plant height is 120 cm

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Suited to regions:All regions
Plant type:Trees
Height:8.00 m
Spread:4.00 m
Flowering time:Spring
Tolerances:Coastal, Extended dry periods, Hardy, Wet, Wind
Garden uses:Hedging, Living areas, Ponds, Pool areas, Screening
Garden styles:Alpine, Architectural, Backyard, City & Courtyard, Coastal, Formal, Frontyard, Modern, Native
Easy to grow?Yes
Maintenance requirementsLow
Growth rateFast

Griselinia littoralis Details

Griselinia littoralis, commonly known as Kapuka or NZ Broadleaf, is a NZ native tree that is fast growing, evergreen, and often grown as a hedge. The glossy foliage is thick, deep green, and held densely. Clusters of small green flowers are produced in spring and result in berries in summer that attract birds. It typically grows to 8 m tall and 4 m wide but is often contained with trimming. Best performance with Kapuka is achieved when it is grown in full sun or partial shade on a well-drained site. It is tolerant of wind, coastal conditions, and frost though will benefit from some protection while establishing. Griselinia littoralis makes an excellent hedge and is also commonly included in mixed plantings, used to accentuate other foliage or flowering plants, or grown as a specimen. This Broadleaf is a dependable plant which can tolerate tough conditions and still look great in a garden. For a Griselinia littoralis hedge, space the plants 50 cm apart.

Griselinia Littoralis Planting Tips

Planting Griselinia littoralis can be rewarding, and with the right care, they will thrive in your garden. The best time for planting is anytime during winter, autumn, and spring. You can plant in summer provided you pay careful attention to watering. Be sure to only plant Griselinia in soils that are well-drained. If the soil is heavy or constantly wet, and you can’t fix the drainage, opt for a Coprosma or Corokia as suitable alternatives. Be sure to work the soil well and firm the plant during planting to remove air pockets. Do not put any fertiliser in the hole at planting as this can damage the roots. Rather, spread the fertiliser across the soil surface after planting then water the plant well. The Plant Company recommends staking taller Griselinia littoralis to reduce the chances of them falling over or being blown around. We also recommend mulching around the plants with bark or similar organic material to both preserve soil moisture and suppress weeds. Be sure to check out our expert advice articles which cover everything you would ever need to know about growing, hedging, and caring for Griselinia.

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