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Lawn Seed "Tall Fescue"

Lawn Seed "Tall Fescue" is currently unavailable.

Please contact us if you would like to know when it becomes available again.


Tall Fescue lawns feature dark green leaves with a somewhat coarse texture. This lawn variety is typically used where a quick growing and hard-wearing lawn is required. For these reasons it is a popular choice and the type usually used by producers of ready lawn. It is also tolerant of a wide range of soil types and conditions and is less susceptible to black beetle damage than Ryegrass or Fine Fescue. Control of other grass weeds can be difficult with this lawn so it is worth putting the effort into soil preparation before seeding. We recommend allowing weeds to germinate and be sprayed with Glyphosate at least 2-3 times before seeding the lawn. Best results are achieved when the lawn is seeded late spring or into summer if it can be irrigated and on a well-drained site. Note, establishment can take several weeks and weeds that germinate during this time can be addressed with products such as TurfClean. The ideal mowing height is 35 mm and seeding rate is 50 grams per square metre. This turf species can be grown in all regions of NZ.


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