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Westringia 'Smokey'

White Flowering Westringia, Coastal Rosemary

The average plant height is 10 cm

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Suited to regions:All regions
Plant type:Shrubs
Height:1.00 m
Spread:1.20 m
Flowering time:Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter
Tolerances:Coastal, Extended dry periods, Hardy, Wind
Garden uses:Borders, Containers, Hedging, Living areas, Paths & Steps, Pool areas
Garden styles:Alpine, Backyard, City & Courtyard, Coastal, Formal, Frontyard, Japanese, Mediterranean, Modern
Easy to grow?Yes
Maintenance requirementsLow
Growth rateMedium

Westringia 'Smokey' Details

Westringia ‘Smokey’ is a variety of the commonly known, Coastal Rosemary, and is a fast growing, bushy shrub renowned for its colourful foliage. It has small leaves that are variegated cream and grey-green, and held densely on short stems. Through most of the year it produces small and dainty, white flowers amidst the foliage. It grows with a rounded shape to about 1 m tall and 1.2 m wide, performing best when grown in full sun on a well-drained site. This evergreen is tolerant of dry periods, most soil conditions, moderate frost, and coastal environments. In NZ gardens Westringia ‘Smokey’ is commonly included in a mixed planting, maintained in a container, included in coastal or pool gardens, trimmed into a low hedge, or mass planted for an amazing display.

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