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Metrosideros perforata (White Rata)


The average plant height is 10 cm

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Suited to regions:All regions
Plant type:Shrubs
Height:1.00 m
Spread:1.00 m
Flowering time:Summer
Tolerances:Coastal, Extended dry periods, Hardy, Shade
Garden uses:Arches, Borders, Hedging, Paths & Steps, Walls
Garden styles:Alpine, Backyard, City & Courtyard, Coastal, Formal, Frontyard, Modern, Native
Easy to grow?
Maintenance requirements
Growth rate

Metrosideros perforata (White Rata) Details

Metrosideros perforata, commonly known as White Rata or Akatea, is a NZ native climber that may reach upwards of 15 m if left untrimmed. If it has nothing to climb is becomes a bushy and compact shrub about 1 m tall and the same wide. The foliage comprises leathery, green leaves which becomes adorned with clusters of white or pink flowers in summer. The flowers are great for attracting birds and other fauna. Metrosideros perforata grows best when planted in full sun or partial shade on a well-drained site. It is tolerant of heavy shade, dry periods, moderate frost, coastal climates, and a wide range of soil conditions, except extreme wet or dry. White Rata is often used as a climber and trained along a fence or trellis. It can also be contained as a shrub in a mixed planting or planted around outdoor living areas.

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