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Lawn Seed 'Kikuyu' (Grass Seed)

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Lawn Seed 'Kikuyu' (Grass Seed) Information

Kikuyu lawns are suited to warmer regions and coastal areas where hot and humid summers are less well suited to other turf species. This variety sold is Regal Green which produces a carpet of lush green leaves and tolerates both summer drought and high humidity. It may brown off during winter as it goes dormant, but this is generally only for a short period. Kikuyu lawns requires little in the way of fertiliser inputs and are easy care, hence their popularity. We recommend allowing the weeds to germinate and then spraying with Glyphosate at least 2-3 times before the lawn seed is applied. Best results are achieved when the grass seed is spread from late spring through until mid-autumn with irrigation, and on a site that is well-drained. Broadleaf weeds that germinate can be addressed with products such as TurfClean. The ideal mowing height is 25 mm and seeding rate is 40 grams per square metre. Kikuyu lawns are well suited to regions from Waikato north. The kikuyu grass seed sold by The Plant Company has 15% Kikuyu seed and 85% annual Italian ryegrass seed. This is a standard blend across the turf industry with the rye seed necessary to support the Kikuyu grass seedlings as they establish. The annual rye grass dies out at the end of the first summer to leave a pure stand of Kikuyu grass.

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