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Grass Seed

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Grass Seed Details

A Rye Grass lawn is quick to establish and features dark green leaves year-round. Our Amenity Rye Grass is a popular turf variety that is typically used where a hard-wearing lawn that establishes quickly is required such as sports grounds or high foot traffic areas. Control of other grass weeds is difficult with this lawn, so it is worth putting the effort into soil preparation before seeding. We recommend allowing the weeds to germinate and then spraying with Glyphosate at least 2-3 times before the grass seed is applied. Best results are achieved when the grass seed is applied late spring or into summer if it can be irrigated and on a site that is well-drained. Broadleaf weeds that germinate can be addressed with products such as TurfClean. The grass seed should be spread at 50 grams per square metre when a the soil has been worked to a good tilth. Use 75 grams per square metre if you are over-sowing existing grass. A Rye Grass lawn can be grown in all regions of NZ and is a popular and hardy option compared to other lawn seed options.

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