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Lawn Seed 'Fine Fescue' (Grass Seed)

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Lawn Seed 'Fine Fescue' (Grass Seed) Information

Fine Fescue lawn seed in NZ is a blend of turf varieties including Chewings Fescue and Red Fescue. They are similar in appearance and have very fine, almost needle like leaves that are very soft to walk on. These varieties form a dense mat of highly aesthetic grass and we use a blend to ensure a good strike across a range of different soil and environmental conditions. Nonetheless, fine fescue requires a well-drained soil, or the result will be a patchy lawn. Fine Fescue Lawns have three major advantages over other lawn species. Firstly, herbicides with the active ingredient Haloxyfop-P-methyl, which is sold as Ignite or Gallant, can be used to selectively remove weed grasses such as Paspalum, Couchgrass, etc. Secondly, if it goes dormant due to drought it will regrow once rain arrives. Finally, it is more tolerant of low light levels than other lawn species. Please note, Fine Fescue Lawns are not hard wearing, so in situations where the lawn may incur a lot of sports activity this variety is not recommended. Note also, establishment from seed can take several weeks and weeds that germinate during this time can be addressed with products such as TurfClean. The ideal mowing height is 25-30 mm and the seed rate for a new lawn that has been well prepared is 50 grams per square metre. If you are over-sowing existing grass, use 75 grams per square metre. These Fine Fescue turf species can be grown in all regions of NZ.

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