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Apodasmia similis (Oioi)

Jointed Wire Rush


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Suited to regions:All regions
Plant type:Ornamental Grasses
Height:60 cm
Spread:50 cm
Flowering time:
Tolerances:Coastal, Extended dry periods, Hardy, Wet, Wind
Garden uses:Borders, Living areas, Paths & Steps, Ponds
Garden styles:Alpine, Architectural, Backyard, City & Courtyard, Coastal, Frontyard, Japanese, Modern, Native, Riparian
Easy to grow?Yes
Maintenance requirementsLow
Growth rateFast

Apodasmia similis (Oioi) Details

Apodasmia similis is a reed like grass that features fine, grey-green leaves which have distinctive brown bracts at the joints. This NZ native is found naturally in coastal marshlands and estuaries and spreads via creeping roots to colonise a large area over time but generally grows to 60 cm tall and 50 cm wide. Even though it is commonly found in wetlands (both freshwater and saline) it also grows well in home gardens where its hardiness and aesthetics can be appreciated. It is tolerant of dry periods, well-drained soils, frost, and wind. This hardy grass is ideal for coastal locations, riparian plantings, tough growing environments, or providing an element of unusualness to the garden.

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