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Juniperus scopulorum "Skyrocket"

Juniperus scopulorum "Skyrocket" is currently unavailable.

Why? Our plants are subject to seasonality and high-demand. Please contact us if you would like to know when it becomes available again.

Suited to regions: All regions
Plant type: Conifers
Height: 5.00 m
Spread: 1.20 m
Flowering time:
Tolerances: Extended dry periods, Hardy, Wind
Garden uses: Containers, Parks, Pool areas, Screening, Specimen
Garden styles: Architectural, Backyard, City & Courtyard, Frontyard, Japanese, Mediterranean, Modern
Easy to grow? Yes
Maintenance requirements Low
Growth rate Medium

How to grow Juniperus scopulorum "Skyrocket"

“Skyrocket” is a popular conifer that grows as a broad column. It carries fine and delicate, blue-grey leaves on upright branches that are held somewhat loosely from the central core. It typically grows to 5 m tall and 1.2 m wide though can be trimmed as necessary. Best results with this conifer are achieved when it is planted on a well-drained site in full sun or partial shade. It is tolerant of extended dry periods, coastal environments, frost, and cool climates, though will benefit from protection while establishing. “Skyrocket” is commonly grown as a sculptural specimen, included in a mixed planting, combined with other low growing conifers, used as pillars at an entrance, or planted as a cluster. This is a popular conifer due to its rapid growth rate and aesthetic appeal.


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