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Organic Fertiliser Details

Organic Boost is a complete soil and plant food crafted entirely from organically certified products. These ingredients include fishmeal, humates, natural phosphate, potassium, and magnesium. Humates are particularly important for soil biology. Organic Boost carries the BioGro NZ seal of approval which is New Zealand’s highest standard in organic certification. It is a multi-purpose organic fertiliser for fruits, vegetables, gardens, lawns, and pasture. It will not only deliver the nutrients that your plants require, but also help protect and encourage the soil’s natural biodiversity. It therefore allows you to grow fruit and vegetables packed with natural flavour. The NPK rating is 2.5:3.5:3.4 with sulphur (4.4), magnesium (2.8), and calcium (10). For fruiting trees, use 1-2 kg per tree at any time. For vegetables, use 100 grams (a cup full) per square metre every 3-4 months. For lawns, use 100 grams per square metre in spring and autumn. For pasture, use 100 kg per hectare in spring and again in autumn.

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