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New Lawn Fertiliser Information

When planting a new lawn, it is important to get the lawn off to the best start possible so it can outcompete any weeds and establish quickly. Phosphate is very important to help the seedling develop roots and shoots and calcium is vital for the growing points (roots and tips). YaraMila Complex has a NPK rating of 12.4:5.2:15 with calcium and sulphur which provides the right amount of nutrients to help get the lawn established. This fertiliser can be spread across the soil along with the grass seed and raked in or applied earlier. We recommend as a general application 50 grams per square metre (a generous handful every 3 m2). An easy way to think of this is 1 kg of lawn seed should be accompanied by at least 1 kg of fertiliser. Further applications of this fertiliser can be made to the lawn without risk of injuring it. NB: a generous rate of fertiliser on a low fertile site is considered to be 100 grams of fertiliser (i.e., two large handfuls per 3 m2).

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