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Native Plant Fertiliser


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Native Plant Fertiliser Details

NZ native plants tend to be slow growing and so require a tailored nutrient plan to meet their needs without overdoing it and potentially injuring the plant. Correct nutrition for natives is particularly important while they establishing and also during the active growth periods (spring and summer). The Plant Company Native Plant Fertiliser has been specifically blended to give 12-months of continuous nutrition and give plants an initial boost with all right nutrients. This fertiliser is applied at half a handful (half a cup) spread evenly around each plant (ideally in early spring), just once per year. When planting a native, mix one-third of a handful into the soil at the bottom of the hole and apply another two-thirds of a handful to the soil surface around the plant. Water in and wash any fertiliser off the plant. Do not drop fertiliser in the bottom of the hole without mixing in as this will cause root burning. This fertiliser blend is suitable for all types of natives that are planted outdoors and should not be used for natives that are grown in a container. Use The Plant Company Indoor Plant Fertiliser for natives that are growing in a container. One kg of fertiliser will adequately fertilise 25 plants for one year and double rates can safely be used on large specimens or where you think fertility is low.

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