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Indoor Plant Fertiliser


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Indoor Plant Fertiliser Details

Indoor plants require feeding from the time you get them home as nurseries typically only put enough fertiliser in the pots to last 4-8 weeks after purchase. If no further nutrients are added the plant will start a gradual decline in the quality of foliage and flowers. Garden fertilisers are not the solution to overcome this as this is like feeding them with a glass full of salt and will usually fast-track the death of the plant. Rather, we use controlled release fertilisers that release the right balance of nutrients slowly over 12-months. The Plant Company Indoor Plant Fertiliser is placed around the top of the plant pot and will release nutrients every time the plant is watered. For small plants (less than half a litre container) use half a teaspoon of fertiliser per pot each year. For medium size plants (container sizes up to three litres) use one teaspoon of fertiliser each year. For larger plants use the fertiliser at a rate of one teaspoon per three litres of container size. These rates will suit all indoor plants, though should be halved for slow growing plants such as cactus.

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