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90cm wide Earthmat - 10 m roll


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90cm wide Earthmat - 10 m roll Details

Earthmat is made from recycled paper and designed to last 1-2 years before breaking down completely to become part of the soil. The mat will last about 6-12 months if covered with green mulch or left exposed to the elements. Better longevity is achieved when bark or stones are applied overtop. It is made using three layers of paper that laminated together. The outer layers are brown, Kraft paper and the middle layer is shredded paper. The paper is glued together using corn starch which would otherwise end up in a landfill. The starch binds it strongly and gives the mat longevity. The result is a mat that is 500 gsm and made from 84% recycled products. Please note: the mat can be prone to tear if it becomes wet or is not laid on an even surface during laying. It should be laid onto pre-moistened soil, pinned down using Earthmat Biodegradable Pins, then covered with bark or other mulch. The Plant Company recommends this product both from a weed control and environmental perspective.

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