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Victory Gold - 1 Litre


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Victory Gold - 1 Litre Details

Victory Gold is an herbicide used to control many types of broadleaf weeds in lawns. Susceptible weeds include: cape daisy, catsear, chickweed, clovers, cotula, cudweed, daisy, dandelion, dichondra, dock, hawkbit, hawksbeard, hydrocotyle, mallow, mayweed, nettles, onehunga weed, oxalis (creeping), parsley piert, plantain, pearlwort, penny royal, ragwort, shepherds purse, sorrel, storksbill, thistles, twincress, and wireweed. Moderately susceptible weeds Include: buttercup, selfheal, yarrow. Resistant weeds include: all grasses and speedwells. For the most effective results applications should be made during active growth using a rate of 12 ml of Victory Gold per litre of water. Please read the instructions carefully before using this product.

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