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Alectryon excelsus (Titoki) NZ Oak

The average plant height is 150 cm
The average plant height is 140 cm
The average plant height is 150 cm
The average plant height is 180 cm

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Suited to regions: Subtropical, Temperate
Plant type: Trees
Height: 8.00 m
Spread: 3.00 m
Flowering time: Summer
Tolerances: Shade, Wind
Garden uses: Avenues, Hedging, Parks, Ponds, Screening, Specimen
Garden styles: Backyard, City & Courtyard, Formal, Frontyard, Modern, Native
Easy to grow? Yes
Maintenance requirements Low
Growth rate Medium

How to grow Alectryon excelsus (Titoki)

Commonly known as Titoki, this NZ native is a handsome, evergreen tree growing to about 8 m tall and 3 m wide. It carries glossy, green foliage which becomes interspersed with sprays of woolly, rust coloured flowers during summer which gives the tree an interesting red-brown colouring. Both the flowers and scarlet coloured berries that result are great for attracting birds as well as butterflies. The spreading habit of this tree makes it a lovely shade tree and for this reason it is often grown as a specimen or avenue tree. It responds well to trimming and can be used as a screen or large hedge. For best results this tree should be planted in full sun on a fertile, well-drained site. Young trees can be damaged by frost and they do not like heavy, wet soils.


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