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Shrubs And Beautiful Flowering Shrubs

New Zealand's diverse climate offers the perfect environment for a vast array of shrubs. Whether you seek shrubs with vibrant flowers, lush foliage, or native flair, success starts here with The Plant Company’s amazing range of shrubs and flowering shrubs.

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Flowering Shrubs In NZ

New Zealand's vibrant landscape offers the perfect stage for showcasing a diverse array of flowering shrubs. From the snow-covered Southern Alps to the semi-tropical environment of Northland, there's a shrub to suit every climate and garden style. Whether you crave colour, fragrance, year-round interest, or all of these, here's a glimpse into some of the flowering shrubs available in NZ through the different seasons.

Spring flowering shrubs:

Greet the warmer months with a chorus of colour from some of our more popular shrubs. Ceanothus paints the landscape with vibrant blues and purples, while Rhododendrons and Camellias offer a majestic display of pinks, reds, and whites. Don't forget the ever-popular Weigela, with its cascading branches laden with bell-shaped blossoms. Finally, Escallonias and Mexican Orange Blossoms complete the picture.

Summer flowering shrubs:

As the sun intensifies, heat-loving shrubs take centre stage. Butterfly Bushes attract butterflies with their fragrant, nectar-rich flowers, while Hibiscus add a tropical touch with their large and vibrant blooms. For a touch of the Mediterranean, Lavender offers captivating purple hues and a calming fragrance, and can be complemented with Grevilleas and Leucadendrons. The picture is completed with beautiful and fragrant Gardenias.

Autumn Flowering Shrubs:

Embrace the farewell of summer with shrubs that put on a final dazzling display. Smokebush erupts in a cloud of burgundy foliage, while Hydrangeas transform into globes of vibrant blues, pinks, and purples. Camellias will often put on another remarkable show.

Winter Flowering Shrubs:

Even during the cooler months, your garden can bloom with resilience. Viburnums offer clusters of berries that provide a feast for birds and visual interest. For a touch of drama, Hamamelis delights with its fragrant, witch-like flowers that defy the winter chill.

White Flowering Shrubs For A Dream Garden

New Zealand's diverse landscape provides the perfect setting for a stunning array of white flowering shrubs. These elegant beauties add a touch of purity and serenity to your garden, while attracting pollinators like bees and butterflies. Whether you seek year-round blooms or seasonal bursts of fragrance, there's a white flowering shrub waiting to grace your outdoor space. A sample of The Plant Company’s most popular white flowering shrubs is presented below.

This is just a mere snapshot of some of our plants. If you want to see more options, use our plant finder tool and turn on the filters for white flowers and shrubs. From there you can turn on more filters to find a selection of plants for your location and requirements. Enjoy!

Low Maintenance Shrubs

There are many shrubs that are considered low-maintenance that are perfect for the New Zealand climate. They are typified by their ability to tolerate dry periods with low incidence of disease or pest issues.

Flowering Shrubs:

Non-Flowering Shrubs:

The Plant Company has an extensive range of shrubs and if you want to see more options, use our plant finder tool and turn on the filters for shrubs. From there you can turn on more filters to find a selection of plants for your location and requirements.

Pictures Of Shrub With Their Names

One of the reasons The Plant Company website is loved around the world is because of the high quality images of different plants and shrubs. We take great care and pride in producing accurate names, data, and pictures of the shrubs we retail. Explore our range of shrubs and be impressed!

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