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High Quality Spiraea Plants For Sale

The Plant Company is New Zealand’s number one supplier of plants and garden accessories – we’re here to help you breathe life into your dream garden. We have the best Spiraea plants for sale, a fantastic range, and we can ship them to you fast! Browse our range of New Zealand-grown plants for sale and add some of our amazing gems to your garden.

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New Zealand’s Best Spiraea Plants

Adding interesting plants to your garden or indoor space delivers a vast range of benefits:

We have the right Spiraea plants for your space and we’ll help you chose the right plant to thrive in your climate. We stock only the highest quality plants, sourcing them from NZ’s leading nurseries. Each plant is packed and transported with extreme care, ensuring it arrives to you in the same condition it was in when it left the nursery. If you are wanting to buy Spiraea, shop with confidence from the best in the industry.

Common questions about growing Spiraea

1. Do Spiraea grow big?

Spiraea can grow big. The mature size of a Spiraea shrub depends on the species and variety. Some species can grow up to 10 feet (3 meters) tall and wide, while others are more compact and only grow to 2-3 feet (0.6-0.9 meters) tall and wide.

Here are some examples of Spiraea species and their mature sizes:

The size of a Spiraea shrub can also be controlled by pruning. If you want to keep your shrub smaller, you can prune it back in the spring or after it blooms.

2. What is the fastest growing spirea?

Some of the fastest growing Spiraea include:

3. What is the English name for Spiraea?

The most common English name for the genus Spiraea is meadowsweet or steeplebush. These names are derived from the plant's characteristics and growing habits. Meadowsweet refers to the plant's preference for growing in meadows or moist grasslands, while steeplebush alludes to the plant's tall, upright stems and dense clusters of flowers, which resemble steeples.

In addition to meadowsweet and steeplebush, other English names for Spiraea include:

The specific English name used for a particular Spiraea species may vary depending on the region or dialect. For instance, some people may refer to Spiraea japonica as Japanese spirea or Japanese meadowsweet, while others may simply call it spirea.

4. What is the most popular Spirea?

There are many popular spirea species, each with its unique characteristics and charm. Some of the most commonly grown and admired spirea varieties include:

  1. Bridal Wreath Spirea (Spiraea prunifolia): This classic spirea is known for its abundant clusters of white, double flowers that bloom in late spring. It grows to a height of 6-8 feet (2-2.5 m) and spreads 4-6 feet (1.5-2 m), making it an excellent choice for borders, hedges, or specimen plants.
  2. Van Houtte Spirea (Spiraea x vanhouttei): Another popular choice, Van Houtte Spirea is a vigorous shrub that can grow up to 10 feet (3 m) tall and 8 feet (2.5 m) wide. It features masses of white, single flowers that bloom in early spring, followed by attractive, bronze-red foliage in autumn.
  3. Japanese Spirea (Spiraea japonica): This versatile spirea comes in a variety of sizes and flower colors, making it a favourite among gardeners. Some popular varieties include 'Little Princess' with its dwarf stature and pink flowers, 'Goldflame' with its vibrant orange-red foliage, and 'Snowmound' with its pure white flowers.
  4. Summer Snow Spirea (Spiraea densiflora): This late-blooming spirea produces dense clusters of pure white flowers in mid-summer, providing a welcome burst of color when many other shrubs have finished flowering. It typically grows to a height of 3-5 feet (1-1.5 m) and spreads 4-6 feet (1.6-2 m).
  5. Thunberg Spirea (Spiraea thunbergii): This early-blooming spirea is known for its arching branches and clusters of white flowers that appear in late spring. It grows quickly to a height of 6-8 feet (2-2.6 m) and spreads 6-8 feet (2-2.6 m), making it an effective border shrub or groundcover.

These are just a few examples of the many popular spirea varieties available. With their diverse range of sizes, flower colors, and blooming times, spirea shrubs offer gardeners a wide variety of options to enhance their landscapes.

5. What is the longest blooming spirea?

The longest blooming spirea is the ‘Double Play Doozie’ Spirea. It blooms continuously from late spring until the first frost. The flowers are small, hot pink-red, and borne in clusters. The ‘Double Play Doozie’ Spirea has quickly become a popular choice for gardeners due to its long flowering and low maintenance requirements.

6. Does spirea like sun or shade?

Most spirea species prefer full sun to partial shade. In full sun, they will produce more flowers and have more vibrant foliage. However, they can also tolerate some shade, especially in hotter climates. If you are planting a spirea in a shady area, choose a variety that is known to be shade-tolerant, such as Spiraea vanhouttei or Spiraea japonica.

7. What pairs well with Spirea?

There are many plants that pair well with spirea, depending on the specific spirea variety and the desired garden style. Here are a few suggestions for companion plants that complement spirea's colorful blooms and attractive foliage:

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