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NZ’s Best Kowhai Trees & Shrubs

The Plant Company grows and sells thousands of Kowhai throughout NZ. We pride ourselves on producing high quality plants and seeing the joy from our customers when they receive them. We do hope you enjoy them and support this NZ business that is passionate about plants.

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Where Can I Find Kowhai Trees For Sale In NZ?

The Plant Company has, and only stocks high quality Kowhai plants. We appreciate that buying online is somewhat of a leap of faith, given you are putting your trust in us. Please rest assured that we only ship plants that we would happily buy and plant ourselves. Trust in The Plant Company to supply your Kowhai needs and allow us to impress you both with our quality and service. Our impressive Google Rating shows we are good at what we do!

Where To Buy Bulk Kowhai Trees

The Plant Company has a large-scale production nursery and produces large numbers of Kowhai. If you are after bulk lots of plants, please be sure to contact us for pricing and availability. Our talented staff can not only manage all aspects of getting the plants to you, but any other plant-related enquiries you may have. Our impressive Google Rating shows we are good at what we do!

What To Consider When Buying A Kowhai

A cheap Kowhai plant usually comes in a very small pot and has both small foliage and small roots. The small plant can be appealing when you are on a budget, however, think of such plants like babies. They only have a small root system, so they need careful attention for watering. They are also more vulnerable to disease such as root rot. The Plant Company therefore recommends you only buy plants in a 2L pot (preferably bigger) to have the greatest chance of success, even if you are on a budget. Any savings by buying small are lost when they die, and you have to replace them! Moreover, the plants need to be “chunky”, have a strong root system, and show no signs of disease. Be sure to check out our competitively priced Kowhai.

Where To Buy Large Kowhai Trees

Sometimes you just don’t want to wait for a plant to grow, and you want the instant display now. The Plant Company has large grade Kowhai available, and often has even larger grades available that are not listed for sale on our website. Please contact us and our amazing team will let you know options and pricing for delivery to your desired location.

Contact us

Whether you need assistance finding the plant you’re looking for or you simply want to know more about who we are and what we do, we invite you to get in touch with us today. A member of The Plant Company team will get back in touch as soon as possible.

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