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High Quality Pyracantha For Sale

The Plant Company is New Zealand’s number one supplier of plants and garden accessories – we’re here to help you breathe life into your dream garden. We have the best Pyracantha for sale, a fantastic range, and we can ship them to you fast! Browse our range of New Zealand-grown plants for sale and add some of our amazing gems to your garden.

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New Zealand’s Best Pyracantha Plants

Growing colourful shrubs in your garden delivers a vast range of benefits:

We have the largest variety of Pyracantha plants and the right one for your space. Our Fire Thorn plants have been selected to thrive in NZ’s climate. We grow and stock only the highest quality plants, sourcing them locally, and from NZ’s leading nurseries. Each plant is packed and transported with extreme care, ensuring it arrives to you in the same condition it was in when it left the nursery. If you are wanting to buy Pyracantha, shop with confidence from the best in the industry.

Common questions about growing Pyracantha

1. What is the fastest growing pyracantha?

The fastest-growing pyracantha variety is Pyracantha coccinea 'Red Column'. It is a vigorous climber that can grow up to 50cm (20 inches) per year. It has deep green leaves and bright red berries in the autumn. It is a good choice for hedging, screening, and groundcover. Here are some other fast-growing pyracantha varieties:

All pyracantha varieties are evergreen and thorny. They are best planted in full sun or partial shade in well-drained soil. They are drought-tolerant and require little maintenance.

2. What are the cons of pyracantha?

Pyracantha is a versatile plant that can be used for a variety of purposes, but it also has some drawbacks that you should be aware of before planting it in your garden.

Here are some of the cons of pyracantha:

Despite these drawbacks, pyracantha can still be a valuable addition to the garden.

3. Is a pyracantha poisonous?

Yes, pyracantha is poisonous to some extent. The berries and seeds of the plant contain cyanogenic glycosides, which can release cyanide when ingested. However, the levels of cyanogenic glycosides in pyracantha are relatively low, and serious poisoning is rare.

Symptoms of pyracantha poisoning can include:

In severe cases, pyracantha poisoning can be fatal.

4. What is the English name for pyracantha?

The most common English name for Pyracantha is firethorn. This name is derived from the Greek words "pyr" meaning "fire" and "akanthos" meaning "thorn," referring to the plant's thorny branches and bright red berries.

Other English names for Pyracantha include:

The name "firethorn" is the most widely used and recognized name for Pyracantha in English-speaking countries. It is a descriptive and fitting name for this beautiful and thorny plant.

5. Is Hawthorn the same as Pyracantha?

No, Hawthorn and Pyracantha are not the same plants. They are both members of the rose family (Rosaceae), but they have different characteristics and belong to different genera.

Hawthorn (Crataegus) is a deciduous shrub or small tree with white or pink flowers and red berries. It is native to Europe, North Africa, and Asia. Hawthorn is commonly used in hedges and landscaping.

Pyracantha (Pyracantha) is an evergreen shrub with small white flowers and bright red, orange, or yellow berries. It is native to southeastern Europe and Asia. Pyracantha is also commonly used in hedges and landscaping.

6. Is Pyracantha the same as sea buckthorn?

Pyracantha and sea buckthorn are not the same plants. While they both belong to the rose family (Rosaceae) and have some similar characteristics, they have different origins, appearances, and uses.

Sea buckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides) is a deciduous shrub or small tree with narrow, silver-green leaves and orange or yellow berries. It is native to temperate regions of Europe and Asia and is known for its nutritional value and medicinal properties.

Pyracantha (Pyracantha coccinea) is an evergreen shrub or climber with small, oval leaves and bright red, orange, or yellow berries. It is native to southeastern Europe and Asia and is widely used in landscaping and hedging.

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