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The Plant Company is New Zealand’s number one supplier of plants and garden accessories – we’re here to help you breathe life into your dream garden. We have the best Leucospermum for sale, a fantastic range, and we can ship them to you fast! Browse our range of New Zealand-grown plants for sale and add some of our amazing gems to your garden.

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Protea Pincushion Plant – Best Leucospermum Plants In NZ!

Adding colourful shrubs to your garden delivers a vast range of benefits:

We have the largest variety of Protea Pincushion plants and the right one for your space. Our Leucospermum have been selected to thrive in NZ’s climate. We grow and stock only the highest quality plants, sourcing them locally, and from NZ’s leading nurseries. Each plant is packed and transported with extreme care, ensuring it arrives to you in the same condition it was in when it left the nursery. If you are wanting to buy Leucospermum, shop with confidence from the best in the industry.

Leucospermum Questions

1. What is the common name for Leucospermum?

The common name for Leucospermum is pincushion. This is because the flowers of Leucospermum resemble pincushions, with their tightly packed, protruding styles.

Other common names for Leucospermum include:

Leucospermum is a genus of evergreen shrubs and small trees in the family Proteaceae. It is native to South Africa, where it grows in fynbos, a type of Mediterranean shrubland. Leucospermum is known for its showy flowers, which come in a variety of colors, including red, orange, yellow, and pink.

2. How long does a Leucospermum flower for?

Leucospermum flowers typically bloom for 2-3 weeks, but some cultivars may bloom for up to 6 weeks. The blooming period will vary depending on the cultivar, the climate, and the growing conditions.

Here are some tips to help your Leucospermum flower for longer:

If you follow these tips, you can help your Leucospermum flower for longer and enjoy its beautiful blooms for weeks on end.

3. How big do Leucospermum get?

Leucospermum plants can grow to be quite large, with some cultivars reaching heights of 3 m or more. However, the average size will vary depending on the species or cultivar, the climate, and the growing conditions.

Here are some examples of Leucospermum species and and their approximate sizes:

To encourage your Leucospermum plant to grow to its full size, plant it in a sunny spot with well-drained soil. Water it regularly, especially during hot, dry weather. Feed your plant in spring with a balanced fertilizer.

4. Are Leucospermum easy to grow?

Leucospermum are relatively easy to grow. They are hardy plants that can tolerate a variety of growing conditions. Here are some tips for growing Leucospermum:

5. Is Leucospermum a protea?

Leucospermum is not a protea. Both Leucospermum and Protea are members of the Proteaceae family, but they are different genera. Protea is the largest genus in the family, with over 800 species. Leucospermum is the second largest genus, with over 360 species.

Both proteas and Leucospermum are known for their showy flowers and bracts. However, there are some key differences between the two genera. Proteas have flowers that are typically larger and showier than Leucospermum. Leucospermum often have more slender stems and more delicate flowers.

Another difference between proteas and Leucospermum is their geographical distribution. Proteas are native to South Africa, Australia, and New Caledonia. Leucospermum are native to South Africa only.

6. How do you grow Leucospermum?

Leucospermum, also known as pincushion proteas, are stunning shrubs with vibrant, spiky flowers that add dramatic flair to any garden. However, they can be a bit picky about their growing conditions. Here's a guide to help you successfully grow them:

Climate and location:


Care and maintenance:

Leucospermum can be a bit demanding, but their stunning beauty and unique flowers are worth the effort. By providing the right conditions and care, you can enjoy these captivating shrubs for many years.

7. Can you hard prune Leucospermum?

Hard pruning Leucospermum, also known as pincushion proteas, can be done to manage their size, encourage bushier growth, and promote more flowers, but it's important to do it correctly to avoid harming the plant. Here's a guide:


8. How big do Leucospermum get?

The size of a Leucospermum, also known as a pincushion protea, can vary greatly depending on several factors:

Here's a general guideline for Leucospermum size:

To determine the specific size of your Leucospermum, consider its variety, growing conditions, and age. You can also consult with The Plant Company for specific information about your plant.

Remember, Leucospermum can be stunning regardless of their size. Enjoy their unique beauty and vibrant flowers no matter how tall they grow!

9. Can you take cuttings from Leucospermum?

Yes, you can definitely take cuttings from Leucospermum, also known as pincushion proteas, to propagate new plants for your garden. It's a relatively easy process that allows you to create more of these stunning shrubs with minimal effort. Here's what you need to know:

10. How far apart to plant Leucospermum?

The ideal spacing for planting Leucospermum, also known as pincushion proteas, depends on a few factors such as growing conditions, etc, but here's a general guide for spacing them:

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