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Buying Ilex Plants In NZ

Ilex, commonly known as Holly, offers evergreen charm to many New Zealand gardens. The popular Ilex crenata is often used for compact hedges, while Ilex aquiperium glows with its with vibrant golden leaves. If you are after berries, choose female varieties such as Ilex aquifolium for a fantastic winter display.

Consider where you want to grow a Holly, then think about the best varieity. Sun-loving hollies like Ilex altaclerensis thrive in full sun, while Ilex microphylla suits areas with dappled light. Consider also the soil type. They all prefer to grow on sites with a well-drained soil and will struggle on heavy or waterlogged soils.

Think ahead about the size of the Ilex you are wanting to grow. Smaller Ilex like I. crenata 'Green Spire' fit neatly into pots, while larger varieties like I. x aquiperium need space to spread. Check out our Ilex varieties which have all the information you need to know about each one.

Ilex Largo And Ilex Crenata Plants – Best In NZ

Adding colourful shrubs to your NZ garden delivers a vast range of benefits:

Ilex largo compared to Ilex crenata

The genus Ilex, encompassing hollies, offers many options for New Zealand gardens. Two popular choices are Ilex largo and Ilex crenata, each boasting unique characteristics. Let's look at their differences to help you pick the perfect evergreen for your garden.

Ilex largo: This upright, bushy shrub stands out with its distinctive smooth and glossy leaves. Unlike traditional hollies, its oval foliage lacks spiny edges, making it a safer choice around children and pets. Growing up to 3.5 metres tall, Ilex largo thrives in sunny spots and tolerates moderate wind. Its slower growth rate makes it suitable for smaller gardens or borders, where it adds a touch of elegance and privacy. New spring growth explodes in a lovely lime green, adding a seasonal accent. While it produces small, inconspicuous flowers, red berries are rare on this variety. Its excellent shaping ability makes it ideal for topiary creations.

Ilex crenata: This versatile evergreen shrub is widely known as the Japanese Holly. Unlike Ilex largo, its leaves are smaller, have serrated edges, and come in a variety of shapes depending on the cultivar. Popular options include the compact 'Convexa' with rounded form and the columnar 'Sky Pencil'. Ilex crenata typically grows taller than Largo, reaching up to 5 metres, and has a faster growth rate. It adapts well to sun or partial shade, making it suitable for various garden situations. It produces black berries after female and male plants flower in spring, adding a festive touch in winter. However, its spiny leaves require caution around children and pets.

So, which one to choose?

Ultimately, the perfect choice depends on your specific needs and preferences. Consider both their distinct appearances and characteristics to find the Ilex that will add year-round charm and personality to your garden.

The Plant Company has a large variety of Ilex largo and Ilex crenata plants and we have the right one for your space. These Ilex have been selected to thrive in NZ’s climate. We grow and stock only the highest quality plants, sourcing them locally, and from NZ’s leading nurseries. Each plant is packed and transported with extreme care, ensuring it arrives to you in the same condition it was in when it left the nursery. If you are wanting to buy Ilex, shop with confidence from the best in the industry.

Ilex Questions

1. How fast does Ilex grow?

The growth rate of Ilex trees and shrubs varies depending on the species and cultivar. Generally, they have a slow to moderate growth rate.

It is important to note that the growth rate of any Ilex plant can be affected by soil type, climate, watering, and how well the plants are fed. For example, Ilex grown in well-drained, fertile soil in full sun will typically grow faster than plants grown in poorly drained soil in partial shade.

2. Is Ilex the same as holly?

Ilex is the same as holly. Ilex is the botanical genus that contains all of the holly species. There are over 400 species of Ilex, which are found in all parts of the world. S people use the name "holly" to refer specifically to the European species of holly, Ilex aquifolium. This species is the most well-known holly because of its spiny leaves and bright red berries.

Other common species of holly include:

3. Is Ilex invasive?

Not all Ilex species are invasive. However, some species, such as English holly (Ilex aquifolium) and Japanese holly (Ilex crenata), are considered to be invasive in some areas. This is because they can form dense thickets that displace native plants. English holly also spreads by its berries, which are eaten by birds and then dispersed in their droppings.

4. What is the common name for Ilex?

The common name for Ilex is holly. There are over 400 species of Ilex, but the European holly, Ilex aquifolium, is the most well-known species. It is the species that is typically used in Christmas decorations and wreaths.

Other common names for Ilex include:

The specific common name used may vary depending on the region and the species of Ilex. For example, the winterberry holly is also sometimes called the black alder or the possumwood.

5. Is Ilex a sun or shade plant?

Most Ilex species can tolerate a wide range of light conditions, but they prefer full sun or partial shade. Some Ilex species, such as English holly (Ilex aquifolium) and American holly (Ilex opaca), can tolerate full sun, but they will do best in partial shade, especially in hot climates. Other Ilex species, such as winterberry holly (Ilex verticillata) and inkberry holly (Ilex glabra), prefer full shade.

6. Where is Ilex aquifolium native to?

Ilex aquifolium, commonly known as English holly or European holly is native to Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East.

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