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Clianthus Puniceus – Best Plants In New Zealand!

Growing colourful shrubs such as Clianthus puniceus (kakabeak) in your garden delivers a vast range of benefits:

We have the largest variety of red kakabeak and white kakabeak plants, and the right one for your space. These Clianthus have been selected to thrive in NZ’s climate. We stock only the highest quality plants, sourcing them locally, and from NZ’s leading nurseries. Each plant is packed and transported with extreme care, ensuring it arrives to you in the same condition it was in when it left the nursery. If you are wanting to buy Clianthus, shop with confidence from the best in the industry.

Clianthus Questions

1. What is the common name for Clianthus?

The common name for Clianthus is Kakabeak. It is a genus of flowering plants in the legume family Fabaceae, comprising two species of shrubs endemic to the North Island of New Zealand. They have striking clusters of red flowers which resemble the beak of the kaka, a New Zealand native parrot. The plants are also known as parrot's beak, parrot's bill and lobster claw – all references to the distinctive flowers. There is also a variety with white to creamy coloured flowers called: "Albus," and a variety with rosy pink flowers called: "Roseus." The Māori name for kakabeak is kōwhai ngutukākā, which means "kōwhai-mouthed parrot". Kakabeak is a popular ornamental plant in New Zealand and is great for attracting birds.

2. How do you grow Clianthus?

Growing Clianthus is easy, and here are a few tips to help you succeed:

  1. Choose a sunny spot in the garden with well-drained soil.
  2. Dig a hole twice the width and depth of the plant's root ball.
  3. Backfill the hole with a mixture of garden soil and compost.
  4. Place the plant in the hole and backfill with more soil, firming down gently to remove any air pockets.
  5. Water the plant thoroughly and stake the tree to avoid wind damage and achieve a nice and straight plant.
  6. Make sure the plant doesn’t dry out while it establishes, so keep an eye on the watering.
  7. Place mulch around the plant to help retain moisture and supress weeds.

3. How to care for Clianthus

Caring for Clianthus is mostly about providing them with the conditions so they thrive. Here are a few tips:

With proper care, Clianthus plants will thrive and produce beautiful flowers.

4. What is the white plant in the kakabeak?

The white plant in the kakabeak is a variety called Clianthus puniceus "Alba", or White Kakabeak. It is a beautiful plant, with stunning white flowers that hang in clusters, thereby making it a popular ornamental plant. It has the added bonus of attractive, fern-like foliage.

White Kakabeak is native to New Zealand, and was once thought to be extinct. However, a few seeds were discovered in the 1950s, and the plant has since been propagated and reintroduced into the wild. White Kakabeak is still considered to be a rare plant, but it is becoming more common through conservation efforts.

5. Can you grow Kakabeak in pots?

Kakabeak can grow very well in pots. Here are some tips:

6. Is Kakabeak fast growing?

Kakabeak is considered a fast-growing shrub and can grow to 2-3 metres tall in just a few years. Kakabeak is a relatively short-lived plant, with a lifespan of around 10 years, though this depends on how well the plant is looked after.

7. Can Kakabeak grow in shade?

Kakabeak can grow in shade, but it will not flower as prolifically as it would in full sun. If you are planting kakabeak in a shady spot, choose a site that receives at least six hours of sunlight per day.

8. What is the flower of the New Zealand parrot?

Clianthus puniceus, commonly known as the kākakābeak, parrot's beak, or parrot's bill. This striking evergreen shrub features clusters of bright red, tubular flowers that bear an uncanny resemblance to the beak of the kākakā, a large, olive-brown parrot endemic to New Zealand.

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