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The Plant Company is New Zealand’s number one supplier of plants and garden accessories – we’re here to help you breathe life into your dream garden. We have the best Titoki for sale, a fantastic range, and we can ship them to you fast! Browse our amazing range of New Zealand-grown plants to find beautiful plants for your garden.

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Best Titoki in NZ!

Growing NZ natives such as Titoki delivers a vast range of benefits:

From large Titoki trees to small ones, we’ll help you find the right sized tree for your space. Our Alectryon excelsus have been eco-sourced and absolutely thrive in NZ’s climate. We grow and stock only the highest quality plants. Each plant is packed and transported with extreme care, ensuring it arrives to you in the same condition it was in when it left the nursery. If you are wanting to buy Titoki, shop with confidence from the best in the industry.

Titoki Questions

1. Where can I grow Titoki?

Titoki can be grown in most parts of New Zealand, but they prefer warm climates. They are grown throughout the North Island, and in warmer areas of the South Island. They do require a well-drained soil and a full sun position to do well. Protection from wind and regular watering after planting will help to establish the tree quicker and result in a better formed tree.

2. What is the best way to propagate Titoki?

The best way to start growing titoki in NZ is from seed and here are some brief instructions on how to do this:

3. How long does it take for a titoki tree to grow?

Titoki trees are relatively fast-growing and can reach a height of 10-15 metres within 10 years.

4. What care does a Titoki tree need?

Titoki trees are relatively low-maintenance plants. However, there are a few things you can do to ensure that your tree thrives:

5. What are the species of Titoki grown in NZ?

There are two species of Titoki grown in NZ:

6. Are Titoki fast growing?

Titoki are relatively fast-growing. They can reach a height of 10-15 metres within 10 years. However, it is important to note that the growth rate can be affected by the climate, soil conditions, and water availability. They prefer warm climates and a well-drained soil. They also need regular watering, especially when they are young. If you are growing.

7. Is Titoki native to New Zealand?

Titoki (Alectryon excelsus) is native to New Zealand. It is a medium-sized tree that is found in lowland forests throughout the North Island and in sunny spots in the northern part of the South Island. Titoki trees are known for their attractive foliage, fragrant flowers, and edible fruit.

8. What is the significance of Titoki?

Titoki trees have played an important role in Maori culture for centuries. The wood is strong and durable, and it was traditionally used to make tools, weapons, and canoes. The fruit of the titoki tree attract birds and it a popular food source for them.

Today, titoki trees are a popular choice for home gardens and public spaces. They are relatively easy to care for and they offer benefits such as attractive foliage, fragrant flowers, edible fruit, shade, wind protection, and privacy.

If you are looking for a native New Zealand tree to add to your garden, be sure to buy titoki from The Plant Company.

9. Can you eat Titoki berries?

The answer to whether you can eat Titoki berries is not straightforward. Here's what you need to know:

Some sources consider them edible:

However, other sources consider them poisonous:

Therefore, it is generally recommended not to eat Titoki berries. While some historical accounts and descriptions suggest they might be edible in small amounts, the potential for poisoning is too high.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind:

10. How far apart do you plant Titoki hedges?

The spacing for planting Titoki hedges depends on a few things but they are usually planted 60 to 100 cm apart. This spacing will, however, depend on the following:

Desired mature hedge height:

Desired density and growth rate:

Pot size and height of purchased plants:

11. Is Titoki an evergreen?

Titoki (Alectryon excelsus) is an evergreen tree. This means it retains its green foliage throughout the year, even during the colder months.

12. What are the identifying features of Alectryon excelsus?

Alectryon excelsus, commonly known as Titoki, has several distinctive features that make it easily identifiable. Here are some of the key characteristics:





Additional identifying features:

13. What is Alectryon excelsus used for?

Alectryon excelsus, commonly known as Titoki, has various uses, including:




Other uses:

It is important to note that while the seeds of Titoki contain a small amount of cyanide, the flesh of the fruit is safe to eat in small quantities. However, it is best to consume only the fleshy part and avoid the seeds.

14. What is the common name for Alectryon diversifolius?

Alectryon diversifolius has two common names:

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