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NZ Native Plants, Trees, Shrubs, And More!

NZ native plants feature heavily through our nursery and plantings. Browse our range to find the best trees, shrubs, and perennials for your garden.

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NZ Native Plants

New Zealand boasts a unique and diverse flora, with native trees and shrubs forming the backbone of stunning landscapes. As we add native trees and shrubs to our gardens, it’s not just about aesthetics, it’s about creating biodiversity, a habitat for native birds, and celebrating NZ’s natural heritage. Everyone that has had Tui’s feast on nectar in kowhai trees knows how important such trees are.

Why Plant NZ Natives?

The benefits of incorporating native plants into a garden are numerous:

Choosing NZ Native Plants

With over 2,000 native tree and shrub species, making a selection can be overwhelming. The Plant Company has made this task easy with our Plant Finder Tool. Simply tick the box for NZ native and then turn on other filters to find suitable options. It is that easy! Otherwise, feel free to scroll through our NZ Native Plant Options.

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