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Lawn Seed Excellence: Unveiling the Best in Tall Fescue, Fine Fescue, Amenity Ryegrass and Kikuyu Grass Seed in NZ

As premier lawn seed suppliers, The Plant Company specialises in premium varieties, including Tall Fescue seed, Fine Fescue seed, Kikuyu grass seed and Amenity Ryegrass in NZ. Our collection is the foundation for establishing resilient and vibrant lawns. We also offer a comprehensive array of herbicides, fertilisers and professional-grade products, favoured by experts for both new and established landscapes. Explore the possibilities with The Plant Company, where we sow the seeds of excellence in lawn care.

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Explore the lush possibilities with our premium collection, featuring varieties across all price points including the popular Tall Fescue seed NZ loves.

Lawn Seed 'Fine Fescue' (Grass Seed)

Fine Fescue lawn seed in NZ is a blend of turf varieties including Chewings Fescue and Red Fescue. They are similar in appearance and have very fine...


Lawn Seed 'Tall Fescue' (Grass Seed)

Tall Fescue lawns feature dark green leaves with a somewhat coarse texture. This variety of grass seed is typically used where a quick growing and...


Lawn Seed 'Amenity Ryegrass' (Grass Seed)

An ‘Amenity Ryegrass’ lawn is quick to establish and features dark green leaves year-round. This popular turf variety is typically used where a...


Lawn Seed 'Kikuyu' (Grass Seed)

Kikuyu lawns are suited to warmer regions and coastal areas where hot and humid summers are less well suited to other turf species. This variety...



Nurture your lawn to perfection with our expert grade lawn chemicals and care products, ensuring optimal health and beauty for your outdoor haven.

Ignite - 1 Litre

Ignite is a selective herbicide used to control foreign grasses in a Fine Fescue lawn. It is not to be used on Tall Fescue or any other lawn types....


Lawn Pro Fungus Control

This liquid formulation is used to control and protect against fungal diseases in lawn and soil. It protects against lawn diseases such as red...

Lawn Pro Protect

This granulated product is used to control and protect against insect pests in lawn and soil. It will provide long-term control of insect grubs...

TURFIX - 1 Litre

TURFIX is a common herbicide used to control the most common broadleaf weeds and clovers in new and established lawns. It will control Clover...


Victory Gold - 1 Litre

Victory Gold is an herbicide used to control many types of broadleaf weeds in lawns. Susceptible weeds include: cape daisy, catsear, chickweed...


Wetting Agent For Lawns

Wetcit is a wetting and spreading agent which is designed to improve the effectiveness of agrichemicals. When used with glyphosate it improves the...



Elevate your lawn's vitality with our quality fertilisers, specially formulated to nourish and strengthen your grass.

Established Lawn Fertiliser

For established lawns the focus moves from rapid growth to promoting lush green grass. We do this by replenishing soil nutrients that are removed...


New Lawn Fertiliser

When planting a new lawn, it is important to get the lawn off to the best start possible so it can outcompete any weeds and establish quickly....


We’re the Lawn Experts

As the lawn and turf experts, we are proud to bring you our premium collection, catering to your unique preferences and environmental needs. Amenity Ryegrass in NZ stands out as a quick establishing option, boasting dark green leaves year round - a popular choice for hard wearing lawns in sports grounds or high traffic areas. If you seek elegance and softness underfoot, our Fine Fescue blend, incorporating Chewings Fescue and Red Fescue, offers a lush appearance with fine, almost needle-like leaves. In warmer regions and coastal areas, where hot and humid summers prevail, Kikuyu grass seed in NZ is a popular easy care solution. If you are looking for a quick growing and hard wearing lawn, Tall Fescue seed in NZ is often favoured by producers of ready lawn and features dark green leaves with a somewhat coarse texture. For those wanting the most highly aesthetic lawn, Fine Fescue in NZ is the one you want.

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