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The Plant Company Nursery

Welcome to the best and largest plant nursery in NZ, The Plant Company! When customers arrive at our sunny Hawkes Bay nursery they are blown away by the size of the nursery, the wide range and quality of the plants, and the great pricing. The modern, 8-acre nursery is covered and open to the public 7 days a week. It is unequalled in NZ and an experience you don’t want to miss. Adding to that, the staff are both knowledgeable, friendly, and not trying to upsell you at every opportunity. They are experienced gardeners, so you trust their expert advice and achieve your dream garden. They can also offer advice on planting, care, and troubleshooting.

Family Owned High Quality Plants Competitive Pricing

Owners Luke and Desiree started the large nursery several years ago when they realized it was hard to get high quality plants at affordable prices. Moreover, finding the varieties that our customers were asking for was proving more and more difficult as nurseries across NZ continue to close. Compared to the big-box stores, they have 30 times the range and 100 times the volume, and at better prices. By propagating hundreds of thousands of plants ourselves, we can keep the costs down and produce the high quality we demand. That means our customers benefit too from lower prices. It also helps that the owner’s hobby and passion is collecting plants!

If you are looking for plants such as Griselinia, Hydrangea, Camellia, Ficus Tuffi, Lomandra, Tractor Seat Plants, Buxus, Photinia, Gardenia, fruit trees, roses, Hostas, Azaleas, perennials, NZ native plants, shrubs, and ornamental trees, indoor plants, and more, The Plant Company has them! You can either buy online or come into our magnificent nursery and browse at your leisure and enjoy being surrounded by beautiful plants. We also have the key garden products such as weed mat and fertiliser. If you are growing or renovating a lawn, we have the seed, products, and advice so you can do this successfully too.

The Plant Company has the right plants for any garden style and location. That includes small, medium, and large sized plants. Customers travel from far afield to experience our plant nursery which has now become an icon for Hawkes Bay. We are open 7-days so our customers do not miss out. Often, we will also arrange shipping if our customers overindulge or buy plants that are too big for their vehicle, which is no problem at all. As the largest seller of plants online in NZ, we are very experienced at doing this.

Luke and Desiree are extremely proud of the nursery they have created along with the magnificent website. Their goal was to make plant purchasing fun and to enable customers to access a wide range of fantastic plants at fair prices with high quality information. On all these fronts, they have excelled. Please do come and see us, experience the passion the entire team exudes, and support a local business. Our impressive google rating is testament to not just our quality but the service we provide.

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Native Plant Nursery

The Plant Company prides itself on growing and sourcing the widest range of high-quality plants for our customers. We operate a modern, 8-acre plant nursery at 284 Meeanee Road, Napier which is open to the public 7-days per week. We have an impressive variety of New Zealand native plants. Each plant is grown and manicured with care, ensuring quality is at the highest level possible. Our google ranking is testament to how well we perform so you can shop with confidence.

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Tree, Shrub, & Hedge Plant Nursery

The Plant Company’s nursery specialises in growing amazing trees and shrubs, as well as a vast range of other plants. We produce hundreds of thousands of plants and we are the largest retail nursery in NZ. You can come see us at 284 Meeanee Road, Napier (open 7-days) or check us out online.

A Plant Nursery And Garden Centre Near Me!

The Plant Company Nursery has everything you need in the way of trees, shrubs, perennials and more. This large-scale retail nursery is located at 284 Meeanee Road, and is open 7-days. You will be astounded by the amazing range and quality of plants on offer. More importantly, they are cheaper than the likes of Mitre10 and other retailers by up to 30% on most lines.

Contact us

Whether you need assistance finding the plant you’re looking for or you simply want to know more about who we are and what we do, we invite you to get in touch with us today. A member of The Plant Company team will get back in touch as soon as possible.

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