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How to get the most from this website

Competitive prices, quick delivery, a fantastic range of plants and accessories, and detailed information about all our plants and accessories.

Finding plants

We aim to cater for customers that know what they want and to go straight to it. This is where the alphabetical plant listing comes into its own. For those customers who don’t know what they want and need some help we have the inspiration pages which allow users to scan different gardens and simply copy one if they choose. Alternatively, a user can use the plant finder tool to sort through the thousands of plants on offer to narrow the range to just a few that meets the characteristics they are looking for.

Value for money

To get the best value for purchasing plants we offer two methods. The first is to offer different size grades so the customer has options. We recognise that many customers will have budgets they need to contend with, and other customers will be more focussed on achieving an instantaneous display. The second method is to purchase more than one of a particular plant. The Plant Company Ltd knows that most plants look best when they are planted in two’s or three’s (and more where hedges are concerned). When customers buy more than one our costs decrease and so we pass those savings on. We are the only website doing this. Finally, remember that orders over $150 also do not incur any freight charges.

Large orders

Where the value of an order exceeds $1,000 you can request a quote. In some instances, we may be able to trim the costs and this is easier when the order is large. A quote can be provided by you filling out the manual quote form or by contacting us and asking for a quote on your wish list products.

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