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About Us

Hello, and welcome to our website which has been specifically designed to make the purchasing of plants online as seamless as possible. Undoubtedly, this is the best website for purchasing plants in New Zealand because we have designed it from the customers’ perspective. Our goal is for you, the customer, to be guided to purchases using our in-depth knowledge of plants and not overwhelmed or confused along the way. Once you have found what you are looking for we want to ensure that you get good value for money.

The architect of the project is Dr Luke Hansen who has over 30 years of experience with plants. Luke is not only highly experienced but brings the necessary practical and scientific knowledge to this project. He is complemented with a team of skilled nurseryman and landscape designers throughout the country.

Wheelbarrow and trees.

This website took five years just to build the base data for all the plants that are listed. Each plant has over 50 different characteristics that have been assessed and catalogued. It is that dedication coupled with passion that has delivered the website as you see it today.

We know our reputation is staked on the quality of plants we supply, the service that accompanies it, and our prices. We would rather refund a purchase than send out a plant we wouldn’t be happy to put in our own garden. It is also very important to us that we only have plants listed on the website that are available. It will be the rare exception that a plant is not available when presented on the website. At the same time our accessories are products that are used by professionals. We want our customers to be using products that have stood the test of time.

We do hope you enjoy our site and thank you in advance for your custom and supporting this 100% owned and operated NZ business.

The Plant Company team.

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